The Nordwand-Principle

In his keynotes Rainer Petek takes your employees and customers up the “business north face“. He creates strong mental pictures for the management of challenges and inspires people to start right away. Rainer Petek encourages you to let go of mental ballast.

How to manage uncertainty

Rainer Petek presents pragmatic thoughts and approaches ready-to-use in your business and one of his key messages is: recognize possibilities and chances – even above 4.000 m height. Impressive images and intriguing stories guarantee a powerful and emotional experience for your audience.



Austria, Germany, California … Rainer Petek realizes opportunities and accompanies change all over the world. But this is the guaranteed way to get in touch with him:

+49 8662 6686 086

Edelweißstraße 2 D-83346 Bergen

+43 664 160 29 08

Neusaß 21 A-9071 Köttmannsdorf